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We design projects and evaluation frameworks to make measurable impact in Western Balkans.

Who we are

TIDEA is an independent professional organization that designs and implements high impact interventions, focusing on nexus between research, entrepreneurship and environment.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable collaborative ecosystem for research-driven business and innovative research centres in Western Balkan countries, thus contributing to sustainable socio-economic development of this region.

What we do

TIDEA focuses on process-driven consulting for SMEs and research organizations and builds custom frameworks to turn great ideas into tangible projects, products or services through: (i) idea assessment and funding opportunities screening; (ii) projects development and project cycle management under international grant programmes; (iii) technology transfer and capacity building; (iv) result-oriented monitoring and evaluation.

Our experience

The TIDEA experts have consolidated experience in international work environment and a wide range of expertise and knowledge regarding the European Union and its development policies, programmes and funding schemes, as well the World Bank and UN development strategies; this is reflected in the high quality of our services and activities.

Our numbers

- 2471276 EURO raised
- 29000 people at our events
- 5818 kilometers traveled this year
- 2 H2020 projects coordinated in BiH

What We Do

We provide our services using methodologies proven in real life with real clients. One size does not fit all - we carefully tailor our solutions to fit to your specific needs.


We love data, people with ideas and trends. We have passion to analyse pieces of the big picture, ranging from idea assessment and funding opportunities screening to business or research organization processes analysis and feasibility studies.

Project management

From analysis to tangible results - we are building implementation frameworks to turn the ideas into products and services. We provide full service, from project proposal writing to various funding programmes, to negotiations and project management during implementation and closing stages.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Any intervention has specific goals to achieve, a sort of "raison d'être". Therefore, we set up Key Performance Indicators and design result-oriented monitoring and evaluation frameworks to measure impact of the projects and programmes.

Knowledge transfer

We share our accumulated knowledge and expertise through training, lecures, tailored advisory, technology transfer and capacity building processes. If you seek advice for your startup idea, want to set up innovation management process or learn more about projects - we are here to help you.

Our Projects

We structure chaos of ideas into implementable project frameworks in cooperation with excellent organizations in Western Balkans region and EU to make a measurable impact in local ecosystems


  • "Due to the wealth of technical knowledge, efficiency, managerial and communication skills, Tidea has been a partner to count on. They inspire others to do better."

    Edward Jaser, ICT Expert - Jordan

  • "I would say that it is not simply pleasant working with TIDEA because they are really competent and professional but it is also fun!"

    Nicola Tucci, EU projects consultant

  • "Together with Tidea we have laid the foundations of the startup ecosystem in Banja Luka and Republic of Srpska. With their well-coordinated team and goal-oriented mindset we were always achieving far better results then anyone expected."

    Armin Konjalic, East-West Digital News

  • "Seriousness, responsibility and efficiency are among the reasons why Oxfam is collaborating with Tidea since many years."

    Silvana Grispino, Oxfam Italia

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